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CALABASH YOGA | Yoga in Westchester NY

Discover the Pathway to Inner Peace

@ ARMONK, NY Studio & Remote

Calabash Yoga
Get to Know Us

Calabash Yoga is a place where you can connect with yourself and others. Our mission is to help you enhance your happiness and align your body and mind. We offer a variety of classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. Our studio is located in Armonk, NY, and we invite you to join our homely community and explore the benefits of yoga.



•Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

•Gentle Yoga

•Prenatal Yoga

•For Group...



Corporate Yoga classes are a great way to improve workplace productivity, increase morale and bring everyone together.


Raw Cuisine

 Raw food diets

enhance health.

• Clear mind

• Improved energy

• Body fat loss



​Build your confidence.

• Neuro - how we think

• Language - how we communicate

• Program - how we will practice new behaviors

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

Working with families, individuals and groups allow me the ability to do just that. I am straight-forward and honest, yet tactful in asking the questions that allow the opening up of true understanding to create life-changing results for my clients.

About Roxanne

I AM, Open, Loving, Courageous and Powerful Woman.

My passion is to assist others in creating a healthy lifestyle, whatever that may look like to them. 

Eat Better, Look Better,
Feel Amazing! 

With Self-Discovery and Self-Empowerment,

we can Absolutely Navigate to our Purpose and Goals.

For Total Healthy Living


I have been a student of Roxanne for about 6 years. She is an amaing instructor. Her guidance has showed me how poweful yoga truly is for both body and mind. Roxanne has instilled the love of yoga in me. After a yoga class with her, I feel more energized, flexible with the various stretches, toner and my balance is getting incleasingly better.

Deborah K.

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