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1. Beginners Yoga

Beginners yoga is generally for first timers and you can be a first timer as many times as you want as you learn and grasp the fundamentals. Create a fun time as you learn the basics positions and movements to create alignment.


Learning also: What is Yoga?  /  How to Breathe  /  Working from the Inside-out




2. Intermediate/Advanced Yoga

Students who have a steady, regular practice may want to do this yoga. Flowing with the instructions of the teacher, enjoying the shifts and twists of a vinyasa flow bringing their focus

inwards as they challenge themselves into even more advance poses.




3. Gentle/Restorative Yoga

Need to relax your body, your mind, take some “me Time” “Take a load off”.

Then this practice is definitely for you. Using supportive yoga props, to assist in opening the

joints slowly and leisurely to get you where you need to be.





4. Prenatal  Yoga




As you walk the path into your Goddess-Mother-Warrioress stance,

allow us to walk with and guide you to build strength and ease

through your journey to birth.


Yoga, the popular practice for everyone from Babies to Seniors, is especially good for prenatal mothers, and very important. Some of the benefits of yoga during pregnancy include but not limited to:


Breathing: Throughout the prenatal yoga sessions, pregnant mothers will learn how to breathe and use the breath as the vehicle that will carry you through your pregnancy and childbirth with more ease. Building respiratory stamina will also create a connection between you and your baby. Learning to breathe, also help to release stress which is essential in preparing you for the ‘breath and mind’ delivery. Yoga helps create flexibility, opening the Hips and strengthen the pelvic floor which not only holds your growing baby but the other organs such as the digestive and reproductive organs. When the pelvic floor is strong mother-to-be is able to carry her baby with more comfort.


Yoga can also decrease nausea, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, shortness of breath and decrease the risk of preterm labor, pregnancy-induced hypertension and intrauterine growth restriction, a condition that slows a baby growth.


Not a surprise, a common complaint during pregnancy from some mothers-to-be issues to do with the legs and feet. With the shift of your center of gravity, your body changes as the baby grow to cause changes in your balance where you will experience much weight placed on the sacrum. Therefore, the sacrum, in order to stay upright to balance the extra weight, places much weight on the lower extremities thus the legs may experience swelling, cramping, especially sometimes at night bringing you out of sleep. One can also suffer aches and pains on the heels and the balls of the feet.


If you are looking to create a prenatal practice, look no further. Give us a call or send an email.


Students must obtain permission from their Physician prior to attending prenatal yoga classes at Calabash...





5. Healing Sound Bath Meditation

Modern science informs us that all Matter has a sound

frequency weither we can hear it or not.

The organs, tissues, emotions and even mind thoughts 

have a specific energy and sound wave frequency.

Sound therapy tools such as Singing Bowls can help

when using to not only harmonize the emotional and

mental state that has an impact to self heal but, also to

help harmonize the energy flow within the body.


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